Solar Solutions

Offering fully integrated plug-and-play balance of systems.

Goshen Engineering provides custom design-build power solutions for your solar project. We specialize in custom balance of systems designs to meet your specific project specifications. Some of our products include skid-mounted virtual central string inverter power skids that also include switchboards and close-coupled medium voltage transformers (MVT). We also provide a rack mounted option in ½ MW and 1 MW distributed string inverter rack clusters, custom central inverter/MVT skids, and UL 891 800Vac and 600Vacswitchboards. We focus our design and integration efforts to provide our solar EPC customers with a fully integrated plug-and-play field solution. Our systems are mounted, pre-wired, tested, and shipped to minimize field wiring and connections.

We take pride in delivering products and solutions that you can trust. Our solar solutions meet or exceed industry standards in design, construction and innovation. Our team will work with you to design and build a cost-effective and reliable balance of systems for your solar project.

  • Designed by licensed professional engineers
  • Wind, snow, and seismic structural calculations
  • Full design submittals for your project including drawings, calculations, and installation manuals
  • Fully integrated for quick and easy field installation
  • Designed, built, and integrated in the U.S.A.

Engineering Services

Goshen Engineering is a licensed Engineering Services firm with on-staff Professional Engineers. Our engineering process begins with a thorough understanding of your needs through single line diagrams and project specifications. Our typical projects include custom design based on your site requirements. We can provide structural analysis for wind, snow, and seismic loads including Finite Element Analysis and hand calculations.Our team can utilize existing specifications to integrate with your legacy power system, or we can work together to develop a custom design that meets your project needs. With more than a decade of experience designing, manufacturing and maintaining world-class automation systems, we’re using tried and tested strategies to deliver results. Learn more about our automation services.

Vertical Central Power Blocks

Goshen Engineering provides a complete line of skid-mounted string inverter virtual central power blocks.  These systems include an array of pre-wired string inverters which are fed back through a switchboard close-coupled to a skid mounted medium voltage transformer.  These power blocks are prewired, tested, and shipped complete to your job-site to offer easy installation with minimal time on-site.  Our systems are designed to accept all major string inverter brands.  These systems are portable, self-contained units that offer unmatched flexibility and are available in a variety configurations using half-megawatt increments. Key product features include:

  • 600Vac and 800Vac designs
  • 600Vac systems offered in ½ MW up to 3 MW options
  • Double ended 600Vac options allow up to 5 MW in a single power center
  • 800Vac systems offered in ½ MW up to 3 MW options
  • Double ended 800Vac options allow up to 5 MW in a single power center
  • Skids manufactured using standard c-channel, featuring anti-slip walking surfaces
  • Available auxiliary transformer for specified power systems

PV Unit Substations

Skid Mounted PV Unit Substations

Skid Mounted PV Unit substations provide an all in one integrated solution for utility scale solar Balance of Systems. We design, build, pre-wire, and integrate these units at our facility. All that remains when these units remain on site is to anchor the skid and make outbound field connections. These systems are more compact than our virtual central power blocks and allow for remote field mounted string inverters.

  • 600V and 800V options
  • 1MW up to 3 MW options
  • Typical system includes Medium Voltage Transformer and UL891 Switchboard,
  • Additional options include Auxiliary Transformer, Auxiliary Power Panel, SCADA, Grounding Transformers,
  • Custom cable mounting options available wire termination
  • Skids manufactured using standard c-channel, featuring anti-slip walking surfaces

Distributed Rack Clusters

Rack Mounted String Inverter Systems

Rack-mounted string inverters are flexible and compact. Our rack mounted string inverter power centers are flexible and can be mounted on a concrete pad, a metal skid, or can be attached to driven piles.  Rack mounted systems are more compact than skid mounted string inverter power centers.  Rack systems are more adaptable to many different site conditions and easily distributed throughout the solar field. Our rack systems include the following features: 

  • Designed to accept all major string inverter brands
  • 600Vac and 800Vac options
  • Standard rack systems can handle up to 8 string inverters with up to two switchboards
  • Compact rack systems can mount up 4 string inverters with up to two switchboards

Integrated Power Block

Skid-Mounted Central Inverter

Our skid-mounted central inverter solution is a stand-alone, plug and play option that utilizes a compact, rugged design. We offer fully integrated central inverter and medium voltage transformer power blocks. We also offer custom designed skids that can be field integrated. All of our Central Inverter power centers can be custom designed to fit your specific central inverter and MVT options.

UL891 Switchboards

We offer multiple tested designs for solar switchboards. All of our switchboards are designed and tested according to UL891 standards. Our switchboard options include:

  • 800Vac 2500A switchboard standard option up to 13 breakers (35kAic)
  • 800Vac 2500A switchgear compact option up to 8 breakers (35kAic)
  • 600Vac 4000A switchboard with main breaker or main lug only, can include up to 30 feeder breakers (50kAic@600V, 65kAic@480V)
  • 600Vac 3000A switchboard with main breaker or main lug only, can include up to 20 breakers (accepts 250Ato 600A frame breakers) (50kAic@600V, 65kAic@480V)
  • 600Vac 2000A switchboard with or main lug only, can include up to 8 breakers (accepts 250A and 600A frame breakers) (65kAic@600V, 50kAic@480V)
  • 600Vac 1600A switchboard with main breaker or main lug only,  can include up to 30 breakers (accepts 250A and 600A frame breakers) (50kAic@600V, 65kAic@480V)
  • 600vac 1200A wall mount switchboard with main breaker and  up to (8) feeders, accepts up to 250A feeders, 50kAIC @ 600VAC, 65kAIC @ 480VAC

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