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Custom Automation Equipment

automated pull test machine

Pull Test Machine

Fully automated pull test machine for production testing of crimped fiberglass insulators. This machine was designed as part of work-cell we built for a customer that does 100% testing on all production parts and provides a pass fail indication on all parts before moving to the next process.

  • HMI recipe driven for hundreds of part variations
  • Maximum programmable load profile up to 60,000 lb
  • Adjustable sample tool locations to accommodate part lengths up to 72"
  • Dual speed hydraulic control to maximize production rate
  • Controller test for five different failure modes
  • Real-time graphing of displacement and force vs time
  • Data logging that can be exported to excel for easy manipulation
  • Pneumatic controlled safety lid to protect equipment and personnel
  • Option for two different sample rate and load profiles of the same part
  • Adaptable tooling to accommodate varying part geometry and on-machine tool storage
  • Options for remote access and backups
  • Options for automatic label printing test reports
  • Multiple level user restrictions for operator and technician access

*Partnered with Best Machine and Fabrication Inc.

servo driven crimper positioner

Crimper Positioner

Servo driven, 2 ½ axis automatic positioner with pneumatic grippers for crimping fiberglass rod insulators.  This machine is part of a work cell that allows one piece flow on a product family that includes hundreds of variations.  The machine holds the individual piece parts and positions them inside a Finn Power crimper for final assembly.

  • HMI recipe driven for wide range of part variations
  • Tool-less quick change for pneumatic grippers to accommodate varying part geometry
  • Can handle part lengths from 12" to 70"
  • Easy to program “Teach" button for programming new recipes with on-screen instructions
  • Front side light curtain with 3 sided safety cage to ensure personnel safety
  • ½ axis provides easy to program automatic length adjustments
  • Options for remote access and backups
  • Multiple level user restrictions for operator and technician access

*Partnered with Best Machine and Fabrication Inc.

Equipment Integration Services

sheet mold compound machine

Sheet Mold Compound Machine Integration

We provided install and integration services on this line that was purchased from an overseas supplier.  The scope of work included removal of old line, install of new line, mechanical piping, electrical, and control install and integration. 

  • Coordinated install with local manufacturer and overseas based equipment supplier
  • Removed old line control system and installed new Allen Bradley VFDs, HMI, and PLC with remote Ethernet I/O.
  • Provided extensive controls integration and modification of PLCs, HMIs, and VFDs programs based on end user feedback during startup.
  • Provide on-going support, service, and modification of line after install.

*Partnered with Best Machine and Fabrication Inc.

automated notching equipment

Notching Machine Rebuild

For this project, we took an older piece of custom equipment and rebuilt it for a new use within an automotive plant.  The machine was used to notch and cut rubber extrusion.  Our scope of work included:

  • Mechanical tooling design with 3D modeling and detailed 2D prints
  • Control cabinet rebuild
  • Poke-A-Yoke sensor design and integration
  • PLC and HMI program modification
  • Testing and training of end user employees

*Partnered with Roebuck Precision Machine

Control System Upgrades

control system upgrade - before and after

Legacy PLC Control System Upgrade

This project involved upgrading a legacy Allen Bradley PLC 5 system to a new Control and Compact Logix based system.  The communication protocol was upgraded from Data-Highway-Plus to Ethernet.  Scope of work included:

  • Reprogram over 1800 lines of code from old RSLogix5 to new Studio 5000 code
  • Reprogram RSLogix 500 code to new Studio
  • Reprogram 15 PanelView Plus HMIs
  • Removal of old PLC-5 rack and hardware
  • Install and wire new Control Logix rack and hardware
  • Removal of old SLC 5 PLC and modules
  • Install and wire new Compact Logix PLC and modules
  • Remove legacy HMIs and install new Panelview HMI
  • Provide system startup assistance and service

Customer Testimonials

"I have worked with Goshen Engineering on several programming issues on our production lines, one was a scrap reduction which reduced scrap by 50%, one increased throughput by 8%. These are just a couple of examples. Goshen completes work in a timely manner and is very informative when going through the work to be completed. I will have many more projects for Goshen Engineering in the future."

Chris Baxley
Maintenance Manager
MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC

"Jason & his team are our 'go to' solution for all of our automation needs. They consistently exceed our expectations and do what it takes to ensure the job is done professionally and on time. They are there when I need them and I can count on them to provide turn-key solutions to real-world problems."

Steve Stricker
Maintenance & Engineering Manager
Bay Valley Foods

"We've been very fortunate to have Goshen Engineering to work with us on several projects including our custom production equipment for the production and testing of composite insulators and custom tooling for new fabrication equipment. The attention to detail in the design, fabrication, and integration with our existing equipment has been exceptional. Goshen Engineering has been an invaluable asset for our company, consistently providing us with exceptional service and solutions to address our process improvement and production requirements."

Alan Story
Manufacturing Engineer

"Goshen Engineering has been consistently able to respond quickly and honestly with quotes and service, in a variety of applications. In each case, the output exceeds expectations. Goshen was able to complete projects that in some cases our own internal experts said couldn't be done."

Jerome Stiger
Manufacturing Engineer
MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC

"After researching engineering companies in my area that could help make upgrades to my aging equipment I chose Goshen Engineering. They did a great job of working on our time schedule to minimize production downtime. Jason was very knowledgeable in our older technology and was able to correct our issues in a timely and cost efficient manner."

Scott Lawrence
Maintenance Manager
Pacific Coast Feather Company

"Our service from Goshen Engineering has been very good. The combination of their PLC expertise, mechanical engineering competence, and fabrication support is top notch."

Bob Marrs
Engineering Manager

"We work in collaboration with Goshen Engineering to create solutions to complex challenges for customers. Their professionalism, attention to detail, open communication and clear project planning make for efficient and timely completion of projects."

Will Best
Best Machine and Fabrication Inc.

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